DNA does not lie….

What do you do when you take a DNA test and your results show you who your cousins are but neither of you have any of the others family in your tree?!

According to AncestryDNA I am cousins with “Jenny”. We are most likely 2nd or 3rd cousins. We do share a common location, as both of our ancestors were pioneer settlers of their communities which are side by side. However, someone’s tree is wrong! Is it mine? Is it hers? I only recently found out who my biological great grandfather was. There was always a big mystery as to what had happened.

My great grandfather was killed in his early 20s in a workplace accident. I grew up with my great grandmother until I was 20. She never spoke of him and we only had an insurance letter as proof my grandmas dad was not biological her father.

I desperately want to know how I am related to “Jenny” but I am torn. Do I keep pressing the issue with “Jenny” or do I just leave it be?

I feel that her tree must be wrong. If we are 2nd or 3rd cousins we must share a great or great-great grandparent. Just nothing matches up.

What would you do? I feel my tree is 99% accurate however I have no clue where she has found her information or if what she has listed for her ancestors is what she has always known as her family.

Leave a comment & let me know how you would go about determining how you and a cousin are related if neither of you has any of the same relatives.

Xo, Steph


Where did I come from? Where did my family come from many years ago? How did they get here? Who were they? What were they like?

If you are like me, the questions came early in life. I always wondered where my grandparents & great grandparents came from. I wanted to know who they were & what their lives were like.

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